Kevin Hart: The King of Comedy and Style

Here are the sunglasses Kevin Hart has worn on various occasions, including in the movie Ride Along 2...

Coach Casey HC 8047: A Ride Along 2 Signature

Kevin Hart played as Ben Barber in 'Ride Along 2' with the Coach Casey HC 8047 sunglasses, a standout piece in Kevin Hart's on-screen wardrobe.

Tom Ford and Valentino: Luxury Refined

Kevin Hart's fusion of Tom Ford sunglasses with a sophisticated Valentino suit showcases his knack for seamlessly integrating high-end fashion into his everyday wear.

Dita Eyewear 'Aristocrat': Timeless Elegance

During a holiday outing, Kevin Hart was spotted in the 'Aristocrat' frames by Dita Eyewear, a classic and timeless choice that complements various fashion styles.

Kevin Hart: Comedy Icon turned Fashion Trendsetter

Beyond the laughs, Kevin Hart is a fashion icon, setting trends with his distinctive style that marries comedy with sartorial flair.

Emulate Kevin Hart's Style with Inspired Eyewear

Captivate a bit of Kevin Hart's flair by upgrading your eyewear collection with shades inspired by his iconic looks, offering a touch of Hollywood glamour to your ensemble.