Bruno Mars Sunglasses

Discover the captivating style of Bruno Mars as we explore the iconic sunglasses that elevate his mesmerizing performances to the next level.

"That's What I Like" 

Dive into the romantic vibes of Bruno Mars' hit song with the sleek Oliver Peoples Bernardo sunglasses, perfectly complementing his smooth moves and suave style.

Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show 

Relive the show-stopping moment as Bruno Mars steals the spotlight at Super Bowl 50, donning the vintage gold Jean Paul Gaultier 56-0173 sunglasses that define his high-energy stage presence.

"Uptown Funk" Music Video

Groove with Bruno Mars through the colorful scenes of "Uptown Funk" as he rocks a pair of gold sunglasses, infusing his signature style into this iconic performance.

Sunglasses from "The Lazy Song" Music Video

In the video for "The Lazy Song," he exudes effortless cool in a red brown checkered shirt and boxers, complemented by the timeless Ray-Ban New Wayfarer sunglasses.


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