Remembering Matthew Perry...

Perry's sense of style was not the most exciting or trendy, but he wore some stylish sunglasses!

Black Shades

It's clear that the man loved black sunglasses. In 90% of his photos, you will see him wearing black shades.

What are they?

Unlike other celebrities, Matthew Perry didn't always wear the fanciest pair of sunglasses...

Generic and... Oliver Peoples?

That's right, many of the pairs are just generic black sunglasses from who-knows-where. But, he also wore Oliver Peoples!

Oliver Peoples Aero, Denison, and Prescott

You can buy the same pairs! They are still available. We included a list with photos on our site for you to pick a pair.

Matthew Perry was more than an actor...

Before he died, Matthew Perry did everything he could to raise awareness about addiction and help others overcome addiction.