Sunglasses Worn by the UFC Champion

Conor McGregor

Known for his signature swagger, McGregor's bold fashion choices are evident in his sunglasses collection, featuring a variety of different brands and styles that he has been spotted wearing throughout the years.

…with a pair of Tom Ford sunglasses, the brand of choice for the champion. From the sleek Nils model to the classic 5307, McGregor's go-to eyewear adds a touch of luxury to his fierce style.

Rock the ring like McGregor...

Known for their high-quality materials and sophisticated designs, Tom Ford sunglasses are the epitome of luxury and a must-have accessory for the wealthy and fashion-conscious.


On numerous occasions, McGregor has been spotted rocking the Dita Mach One sunglasses, a frame that embodies the spirit of fast cars, speed boats and sleek planes.

Dita Mach One

Conor McGregor has also been known to wear Ray-Ban, Louis Vuitton, and Gucci sunglasses.  Visit the link below to get the complete list of sunglasses worn by McJacked!