We dug up all the pairs of sunglasses worn by James Bond...

In  No Time To Die

In 'No Time To Die', Bond rocks some seriously cool shades from Vuarnet...

Vuarnet VL0006 Legend 06

The model is commonly sold on Ebay and Amazon, from the high hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Oh, but there's so much more...

James Bond wears a lot of sunglasses, and he wore at least 2 other pairs in the same movie!  Here's the list >>>

Shades from In No Time To Die

Barton Perreira Joe Barton Perreira Norton Vuarnet VL0006 Legend 06

And the other 007 movies?

We have the sunglasses identified for other 007 and Daniel Craig movies! Check it out on Hater Blockers using link below.