Ray-Ban Stories Review: Smart Sunglasses From a Trusted Brand

Ray-Ban Stories are probably the most stylish smart glasses on the market, yet, most people are still unfamiliar with them. If you go shopping for smart sunglasses online, then expect to see a market flooded with budget pairs made (cheaply) in China.

That’s why we decided to deliver you a thorough review on Ray-Ban Stories, as these glasses are from a trusted and well-recognized brand. There’s not many better or even equivalent options on the market right now.

Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses were developed through a partnership between Ray-Ban, a renowned eyewear brand, and Facebook (now Meta), the social media and technology giant. The collaboration aimed to combine Ray-Ban’s expertise in creating stylish and high-quality eyewear with Facebook’s technological capabilities and social media integration.

The result of this partnership is a pair of smart glasses that seamlessly integrate advanced technology, allowing users to capture photos and videos, listen to music, make phone calls, and interact with Facebook Assistant, all while wearing fashionable and iconic Ray-Ban frames.

Most Stylish Smart Sunglasses

Ray Ban Stories Wayfarer sunglasses


Camera: The Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses are equipped with dual 5MP cameras strategically positioned on the sides of the lenses. These cutting-edge cameras empower you to effortlessly capture stunning high-resolution photos at 2592×1944 pixels and record top-notch videos at 1184×1184 pixels with a smooth frame rate of 30 frames per second. Moreover, the cameras boast an intelligent feature that automatically adapts to the surrounding lighting conditions, ensuring optimal visual results in any environment.

Touch & Voice Controls: These smart glasses are incredibly easy to use, and both the touch and voice controls are easy to learn and get used to. You can simply touch the temple to start recording or snap a photo. Make sure to read the manual when you get your first pair. The instructions are easy to follow, which is another huge plus!

Speakers: While the Ray-Ban Stories don’t offer the same audio quality as high-end earbuds, they are still great for listening to music and listening to people speak when on a call. This is probably the best feature on the glasses, simply because you can go for a jog and listen to music without needing both earbuds and sunglasses – it’s all together in one product.

Microphones: There are three built-in microphones to capture sound from all directions. The mic quality is outstanding for such a product! Being on call with someone and talking via your sunglasses is a different experience, but it works flawlessly.

Charging Case: Included with the Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses is a convenient charging case, featuring its own battery and a USB-C port for effortless charging. With a charging time of just 180 minutes, the case can fully recharge the glasses to their maximum potential. Once fully charged, these remarkable glasses offer up to 6 hours of battery life for moderate usage or up to 3 hours when engaged in continuous audio streaming and utilizing the Facebook Assistant feature. Remarkably versatile, the glasses have the capacity to capture and synchronize up to 30 videos or snap up to 500 photos per full charge.

Transition Lenses: These lenses effortlessly transition from a crystal-clear state indoors to a darker tint when exposed to outdoor environments, eliminating the need for multiple pairs of glasses.

Style Options

Screenshot of the Ray Ban Stories sunglasses style options from the official Ray Ban website
Available Options: Warfarer, Round, and Meteor. All have various color variations.

Wayfarer: The Ray-Ban Wayfarer style of sunglasses is an iconic and universally adored fashion staple. Having this as a smart glasses option is a huge plus! Wayfarer sunglasses are unisex and look great on nearly everyone, and there are 9 color variations to ensure a perfect match.

Round: Round sunglasses are particularly flattering for individuals with angular or square face shapes, as they help soften and balance the facial features. The Ray Ban Stories Round sunglasses have 7 different color variations.

Meteor: Ray-Ban Meteor frames are well-known and recognized for their distinctive and timeless design. There are 4 different color variations in the Meteor framed Ray-Ban Stories.


  • Multiple styles and sizes to choose from
  • Excellent call quality
  • Easy to use features!
  • Best all-in-one option for sunglasses, speakers, and mic
  • Perfect for content creators and influencers


  • Camera not as good as phone’s – but that’s to be expected!
  • Facebook account is required

Conclusion: Are Ray-Ban Stories Worth the Money?

When you consider the fact that these are Ray-Bans AND smart glasses – the $300 price tag doesn’t seem unreasonable. For those of you who frequently buy designer accessories, the price is probably not a concern and it’s safe to say you won’t be disappointed. However, if you’re looking for a real AR experience, these just won’t cut it.

Who should consider buying Ray-Ban Stories? Content creators, influencers, tech enthusiasts, travelers, etc. These smart sunglasses make it easy for you to capture moments on camera, in a way that your phone simply can’t offer. The POV makes everything more interesting, almost like wearing a GoPro, but obviously not for long videos, and obviously the quality isn’t quite as good.

Keep in mind, smart glasses are a relatively new category of product to hit the market. Ray-Ban is definitely leading the way, making the most out of their brand name and offering the same styles we all know and love.


Are Ray-Ban Stories noticeable?

Hardly. An LED lights up when the camera is on so people will know you’re recording. Other than that, they look just like regular Ray-Ban sunglasses.

Do they work without a Facebook account?

No. A FB account is required to set up and use these smart glasses.

Are they made in China?

Yes, Ray-Ban Stories are manufactured in China as well as in Italy. The production of Ray-Ban Stories is handled by Luxottica, an Italian eyewear company that operates factories in both countries.

How long does the battery last in Ray-Ban Stories?

The battery will last for about 6 hours of moderate usage, and even longer if you’re just wearing them casually. Heavy usage of the camera can shorten it by 3 hours.