Bose Frames Tempo Sports Bluetooth Sunglasses Review

In the realm of wearable technology, Bose has emerged as a pioneer in revolutionizing the way we experience sound. Expanding their innovative range, they have now introduced the Bose Frames Tempo, a remarkable fusion of sporty sunglasses and cutting-edge audio technology. Designed for active individuals seeking both style and functionality, these smart glasses offer a truly immersive audio experience while protecting your eyes from the sun.

Bose Frames Tempo represents a seamless integration of high-quality audio and sleek eyewear, creating a unique proposition for outdoor enthusiasts, athletes, and music lovers alike. Whether you’re running, cycling, or simply enjoying a walk in the park, these smart glasses open up a new dimension of auditory pleasure.

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Note: We had to leave out a star in our rating due to the issues with bass. Keep reading the review for more info.

Bose Frames Tempo Bluetooth Sports Sunglasses

Bose Frames Tempo Features

These sunglasses are loaded with features, and that’s not something we’re used to talking about here at HaterBlockers. From the audio performance to the material, these shades are on point. The swappable lenses though… that’s probably our favorite feature. The ability to change lenses and adjust the bluetooth frames to your needs is very cool!

The Ability to Switch Lenses

Bose Frames Tempo takes adaptability to a whole new level with its interchangeable sport lenses, allowing you to customize your eyewear to match the demands of your chosen sport and the ever-changing lighting conditions.

With the ability to switch lenses in mere seconds, Bose Frames Tempo becomes your ultimate multi-sport companion. Let’s explore the lens options available:

ROAD ORANGE: Designed for road runners and cyclists, the medium-light Road Orange lenses offer a perfect balance. They reduce eye strain and combat fatigue caused by bright light and glare on open roads, ensuring optimal visibility and clarity as you conquer the miles ahead.

TRAIL BLUE: For those who prefer the serenity of shaded trails, the medium-to-low light Trail Blue lenses are tailored to provide enhanced vision in filtered lighting conditions. These lenses excel at sharpening details in uneven terrain while minimizing the impact of bright light, making them ideal for trail runners and mountain bikers seeking precision and focus.

TWILIGHT YELLOW: When the day transitions into evening or the early morning light is still dim, the low-light Twilight Yellow lenses come to the rescue. Specifically crafted for these conditions, they brighten trails and enhance visibility in dark, cloudy, or foggy environments. Embrace the outdoors regardless of the light level, as these lenses ensure you can keep going with confidence and clarity.

With the ability to effortlessly switch between these lens options, Bose Frames Tempo empowers you to adapt to various terrains and lighting situations without compromising performance. Whether you’re chasing your personal best on the road, exploring rugged trails, or conquering low-light conditions, these interchangeable lenses enhance your visual experience to match your athletic prowess.

Powerful Audio Performance

The magic of Bose Frames Tempo lies in its ability to deliver exceptional sound without the need for headphones. The Bose OpenAudio™ technology allows you to hear both your music and the world around you simultaneously, creating a truly immersive and safe workout experience. Whether you’re running, cycling, or pushing your limits in the gym, these sunglasses provide the perfect soundtrack to your active lifestyle.

It’s also worth noting that bass does not sound good on these, not like it does in a set of earbuds. Basically, songs with a lot of bass may sound “off” or just weird – but this is only noticeable for some dance, electronic, and rap music. Most music sounds great!

Bose Frames Tempo Features and Controls

Sport-Optimized Design

Bose Frames Tempo are built to withstand rigorous physical activities. The durable nylon frame is both lightweight and comfortable, ensuring a secure fit during intense workouts. The glasses are also sweat-resistant, making them an ideal companion for athletes who want to remain focused without compromising on their music experience.

With that said, the frames are comfortable, and most reviewers love how they fit. They fit tightly so you can exercise while wearing them, yet they aren’t bothersome and you barely notice they’re on after a few minutes.

Polarized Lenses

Protecting your eyes is of utmost importance, especially when spending time outdoors. Bose Frames Tempo come with polarized lenses that block up to 99% of UVA/UVB rays, reducing glare and providing excellent optical clarity. These lenses are interchangeable, allowing you to customize your look and adapt to different lighting conditions.

Advanced Connectivity

With Bluetooth compatibility, the Bose Frames Tempo effortlessly connect to your smartphone, enabling seamless audio streaming and hands-free calling. The intuitive controls located on the temples allow you to adjust the volume, skip tracks, or take calls with ease, eliminating the need to reach for your phone while on the move.


  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Excellent audio quality (minus the bass issues)
  • Swappable lenses
  • Bluetooth always connects without any problems!
  • USB-C charging port
  • 3 nose pads included (a size for everyone)


  • Uncomfortable on people with larger head sizes
  • Audio quality takes a dive when listening to music with loud bass
  • No EQ in the app

Conclusion: Best Audio Sports Sunglasses

The Bose Frames Tempo offer a remarkable blend of style, functionality, and audio excellence. With their sport-optimized design, powerful audio performance, and built-in sun protection, these smart glasses are an ideal companion for those who prioritize an active lifestyle without compromising on their music experience. Bose continues to redefine the boundaries of wearable audio technology, and the Frames Tempo is a testament to their commitment to innovation.

If you’re into sports and outdoor experiences, then it only makes sense to give the Bose Frames Tempo sunglasses a try. They eliminate the need for earbuds, so you get both your audio and eye protection in one product.

You can buy a pair for about $250 from the official Bose website or Amazon.

Bose Frames Tempo FAQ

Can other people hear the music playing from Bose Frames Tempo?

Yes. If you’re walking next to someone, they will be able to hear the music coming from your glasses. However, it’s not going to be loud for them like it is for the person wearing the glasses.

Are the frames waterproof?

Yes, the Bose Frames Tempo glasses are IPX4 water-resistant. Feel free to wear them while you’re jogging in the rain or take them to the beach. Just don’t submerge them under the water and they should be fine.

Do they work with Google Assistant or Siri?

These bluetooth glasses work with both Google Assistant and Siri, so you can pair the Bose Frames Tempo with either an Android or iPhone device.

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