Video: 6 Sunglass Rules Every Guy Should Follow

Here are the 6 rules to wearing sunglasses that every guy should know and follow, according to Teachingmensfashion on YouTube…

  1. Make sure the glasses fit your temple width! This is important for obvious reasons, but watch the video to learn more.
  2. Don’t wear them inside – sunglasses are meant to be worn inside.
  3. Take off your glasses when it’s time to get serious and maintain eye contact.
  4. Make sure the frames wrap around your ear or head just right so they don’t fall off.
  5. Don’t obsess over the price, price isn’t everything.
  6. Don’t wear frames on your head.

Do you agree with these 6 rules? We’re not all the same and our styles vary, so at the end of the day, do what you want to do because no one seems to care for rule #6 where I live!

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