What sunglasses is Bruce Wayne (Robert Pattinson) wearing in The Batman?

Every guy wants to be like Batman, and now you can wear the same sunglasses as Bruce Wayne in the latest Batman movie! You may have spotted the dark knight wearing rectangular black sunglasses in the new film, and thought to yourself, “you know what, that’s my style!”

What sunglasses is Batman (Robert Pattinson) wearing in The Batman?

Bruce Wayne (Robert Pattinson) is wearing the PERSOL PO2747s style sunglasses in The Batman (2022).

Now go on, wear the shades during the day and the cape at night… or maybe just wear the shades. Still, it’s funny how the scene looks dark as hell and Bruce Wayne is wearing these dark sunglasses!

It doesn’t matter if you like Robert Pattinson as Batman or not, the glasses are a great fit for most head shapes. If you like rectangular sunglasses then you can wear the same ones as Bruce Wayne for less than $300. That’s actually not bad, considering the amount of money celebrities spend on such things.

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