Sunglasses Worn By Robert Downey Jr. Throughout His Career

When it comes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Robert Downey Jr. is a fan favorite for his portrayal of Tony Stark, the billionaire genius and superhero Iron Man. His stylish and sleek outfits in the films have become iconic, and one accessory that stands out are his sunglasses. From the classic aviator to the modern square frames, Downey Jr. has sported a variety of shades throughout the films.

But it’s not just on the big screen that he rocks these sunglasses. Robert Downey Jr. is known for his fashion sense and often wears designer sunglasses off-screen as well. His sunglasses have become a staple of his personal style, adding a touch of cool to his look.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the sunglasses worn by Robert Downey Jr. in his role as Tony Stark/Iron Man and also explore some of his personal choices. So, whether you want to channel your inner superhero or simply elevate your style game, we’ve got you covered.

Clearly, Robert Downey Jr has a Favorite Brand…

Robert Downey Jr. has had a long acting career, so we’ve been able to go way back in time and see the different sunglasses he has worn throughout his time in hollywood. It’s clear that his favorite brand is Oliver Peoples – and he has been spotted wearing more than a dozen different pairs.

Now, we can’t speak for the man, but his actions speak for themselves, and Oliver Peoples sunglasses have been seen on RDJ more than any other brand. So, it’s safe its one of his favorite brands of sunglasses.

With that said, there are still many other brands of sunglasses worn by Robert Downey Jr. Let’s get to the list now so you can find the pair that’s right for you.

Robert Downey Jr. Sunglasses

Robert Downey Jr wearing Moscot Lemtosh sunglasses

In the photo above, RDJ can be seen wearing a pair of LEMTOSH sunglasses. The purple lenses are definitely not something for every man, but the color does help keep one calm in stressful or uncomfortable situations. If it works for Iron Man, it may just work for you!

Robert Downey Jr wearing JMM sunglasses at event
Ascari sunglasses by Jacques Marie Mage.

RDJ continues to defy conventional fashion norms with his latest eyewear choice, showcasing yet another extraordinary frame style from the innovative US-based brand, Jacques Marie Mage. This time, he dons an avant-garde masterpiece—a strikingly thick and transparent eyeglass frame that stole the show at the Avengers End Game fan event in 2019.

Impeccably crafted from 10mm of exquisite Japanese acetate, this rectangular frame boasts an audacious rim that demands attention, perfectly complemented by its crystal-clear finish. The sheer transparency of the frame sets these glasses apart, exuding an air of unmatched uniqueness.

Behold the Jacques Marie Mage Ascari Clear Glasses—an emblem of Robert Downey Jr’s fearless and unparalleled sense of style. If you’re yearning to stand out from the crowd, take a page from RDJ’s fashion playbook and venture into the realm of the extraordinary. Explore the wide array of awe-inspiring thick-rimmed clear glasses frames currently gracing the market, and discover the style that speaks to your individuality.

Embracing rectangular glasses offers a captivating option for those blessed with rectangular or square-shaped faces. These frames possess the uncanny ability to harmonize the sharp angles of your visage, bestowing a polished and refined allure. Moreover, if your face possesses a softer, rounder contour, fear not! Rectangular glasses can work their magic by imparting a slimming effect to your features. Just remember to shun frames that are too diminutive, as they may compromise the desired impact of your distinctive look.

The Complete List (Updated July 2023)


In the 2008 film Iron Man, Downey Jr. showcased a simple yet iconic style with his choice of Ray-Ban RB3669 rectangular aviators. The gold-rimmed frames and dark lenses epitomize the timeless appeal of ’90s-inspired eyewear, ensuring a fashionable statement for any discerning individual.

Experience a vast selection of Ray-Ban sunglasses for yourself and discover the allure of this renowned brand.


Prada has been a recurring favorite for Downey Jr., as he has been spotted donning various models over the years. Among his top choices are the sophisticated PR50VS, the elegant PR21PS, and the sporty SPS50M. Each pair exudes Prada’s signature blend of style and craftsmanship.


During a red carpet event alongside his wife, Downey Jr. made a fashion statement with the Louis Vuitton Z0650E sunglasses. These contemporary shades feature a rectangular frame with a double bridge, offering a modern twist on a classic design.


Stepping out in Beverly Hills, Downey Jr. elevated his style with the Dolce and Gabbana 632S sunglasses. This eye-catching pair showcases a fashionable gradient frame in clear and dark brown hues, embodying versatility and sophistication suitable for any occasion.

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On multiple occasions, including movie premieres and family outings, Downey Jr. chose to accessorize with the Carrera Champion/P sunglasses. The same iconic shades worn by the star are readily available for you to acquire at LookerOnline.


During a relaxing gaming event, Downey Jr. was spotted wearing the David Beckham DB1001/S J5G/QZ sunglasses. These classic aviators feature a luxurious gold frame and sporty green lenses, effortlessly blending opulence and athleticism.


Whether attending press events or caught in the candid flashes of paparazzi, Downey Jr. sported the Paul Smith Romiley sunglasses with panache. With their unique hexagonal shape, thick acetate frame, and stylish metal accents, these shades became an integral part of his distinctive look. The Romiley model offers an array of colors, yet RDJ’s preference leaned toward a sleek black frame with silver accents.


Engaging in the modern trend of selfies, RDJ captured his moments with the Persol 2365 aviator sunglasses. These timeless shades boast a slender metal frame, classic aviator shape, and inviting brown lenses. Persol, the esteemed Italian luxury eyewear brand, has garnered praise for its exceptional quality and stylish designs. Discover the allure of Persol’s 2023 sunglasses collection, as they embody a timeless appeal cherished by all.


Caught in the paparazzi’s lens, RDJ showcased his style wearing the Saint Laurent Classic Surf 11 007 sunglasses. These alluring shades feature a classic square shape, enhanced by a thick acetate frame and sleek black lenses. While the Surf 11 model offers an array of colors and patterns, RDJ opted for a black frame accentuated with silver accents.


Another notable addition to RDJ’s sunglasses collection is the Saint Laurent SL 176 002. These sleek sunglasses, featured in a dark oak frame with brown lenses, elevated RDJ’s charisma during an Instagram Live session.


Making appearances at a press event and a noteworthy handprint ceremony for the Avengers: Endgame cast, RDJ chose the Cutler and Gross 1306 sunglasses. These captivating shades showcase a gray-to-red gradient frame, exuding a distinctive charm.


RDJ’s attire for the Dolittle premiere was elevated by the Polaroid 6089 sunglasses. These sunglasses accentuated his look flawlessly, with their brown gradient lenses seamlessly complementing his ensemble.


A longtime favorite in RDJ’s collection, the Polaroid PLD 6115S sunglasses have been spotted on him in green frames and brown lenses. Notably, RDJ proudly wore the green version of these sunglasses during the Avengers: Endgame quarantine watch video.


Yet another stylish pair of Polaroid sunglasses seen on RDJ are the PLD 6093 in polished silver. RDJ himself shared a captivating picture on his Instagram page, donning these shades alongside Kevin Hart.


For his 2013 GQ interview, RDJ effortlessly combined style and sophistication by donning the Hugo Boss 0049/S sunglasses. These sunglasses impeccably complemented his outfit, enhancing his overall look.


During the Endgame premiere, RDJ elevated his ensemble with the Givenchy 7125S sunglasses. The black frames and gray lenses provided an elegant touch, perfectly suited for the occasion.


RDJ’s appearance at the 23rd Hollywood Annual Film Awards was enhanced by the Karen Walker Kunio sunglasses. Featuring a round frame with intricate gold detailing, these sunglasses exuded an air of stunning elegance when worn by the star.