Sunglasses Worn by Rihanna

Rihanna, the global music sensation and style icon, is known for pushing boundaries and setting trends in the world of fashion. Her eyewear choices are no exception, often stealing the spotlight in her music videos and public appearances. From the edgy Dior My Dior 3 to the vintage allure of Carrera Endurance, Rihanna’s sunglass collection is a testament to her fearless fashion sense. Join us as we dive into the world of Rihanna’s iconic eyewear.

Dior My Dior 3: Bold and Badass

In the music video for “B*tch Better Have My Money,” Rihanna showcases her daring style by donning the Dior My Dior 3 sunglasses. This audacious eyewear choice perfectly complements the song’s powerful lyrics and Rihanna’s unapologetic persona. The sleek design and dark tint exude confidence, making it a standout piece in Rihanna’s sunglass repertoire.

Carrera Endurance: Vintage Glamour

In the music video for “Rude Boy,” Rihanna channels a retro vibe with the Carrera Endurance sunglasses from the Carrera Vintage Collection. These shades effortlessly blend vintage charm with modern allure, reflecting Rihanna’s ability to effortlessly fuse different eras of fashion. The bold frames and tinted lenses add an element of mystery to her look, enhancing the video’s visual impact.

Balenciaga BB0232S: Extending Sides, Extended Style

Rihanna’s sunglasses collection doesn’t stop at Dior and Carrera. She’s been spotted in a range of Balenciaga eyewear, including the BB0232S with extending sides. Both Rihanna and Kim Kardashian have been seen rocking these statement shades, showcasing their popularity among fashion-forward celebrities. The extending sides add a unique twist to a classic design, setting them apart as a true fashion statement.

Gucci GG1215S: A Touch of Glamour

Rihanna’s love for Gucci extends to her eyewear choices as well. She has been seen wearing the GG1215S sunglasses, exuding an air of luxury and glamour. These shades perfectly align with Rihanna’s penchant for high-end fashion and add a touch of opulence to her ensemble.

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Thierry Lasry Sexxxy 101: Bold and Playful

As seen on Rihanna, the Thierry Lasry Sexxxy 101 sunglasses make a bold statement. With their playful design and unique color choices, these shades perfectly reflect Rihanna’s fearless approach to fashion. They add a playful edge to any outfit, showcasing her ability to embrace different facets of her style.

Gucci GG1039S: A Glimpse of Elegance

The GG1039S sunglasses from Gucci complete Rihanna’s sunglasses repertoire. With their elegant design and sophisticated detailing, they add a touch of refinement to her overall look. These shades serve as a testament to Rihanna’s versatility, demonstrating her ability to effortlessly switch between bold, glamorous, and refined styles.

In Conclusion, Rihanna’s sunglass collection is a reflection of her dynamic personality and fearless approach to fashion. From iconic Dior pieces to vintage-inspired Carrera frames, each pair tells a story and adds a unique dimension to her style. Rihanna continues to inspire and set trends, proving that eyewear is not just an accessory, but a statement of self-expression.