Sunglasses Worn by Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt wearing expensive sunglasses to an event

Brad Pitt is known for his effortlessly cool style, and his sunglasses are no exception. The actor has been spotted wearing a variety of different sunglasses over the years, from vintage finds to designer frames, each pair adding to his signature look. One of his most recent film roles, in Babylon, sees him wearing the … Read more

What sunglasses does Conor McGregor Wear?

Conor McGregor wearing Tom Ford sunglasses

Conor McGregor, the former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) featherweight and lightweight champion, is known for his flashy and confident style, both inside and outside of the ring. This extends to his choice of sunglasses, as McGregor has been spotted wearing a number of different brands and styles over the years. One of the most notable … Read more

What sunglasses is Bruce Wayne (Robert Pattinson) wearing in The Batman?

what sunglasses did bruce wayne robert pattinson wear in the batman 2022 movie

Every guy wants to be like Batman, and now you can wear the same sunglasses as Bruce Wayne in the latest Batman movie! You may have spotted the dark knight wearing rectangular black sunglasses in the new film, and thought to yourself, “you know what, that’s my style!” Now go on, wear the shades during … Read more