Kenny Chesney Sunglasses

Kenny Chesney, the renowned country music singer and songwriter, has been a longtime fan of Costa sunglasses. In 2015, he collaborated with the brand to create his own line of signature Costa sunglasses, known as the “Kenny Chesney Costa Collection.” This partnership allowed Chesney to infuse his personal style and love for the outdoors into the design of the sunglasses, creating a unique line that resonates with his fans and captures the spirit of his music.

The Kenny Chesney Costa Collection features a range of sunglasses that combine functionality, durability, and a touch of coastal-inspired flair. These sunglasses are designed to withstand the rigors of an active lifestyle, making them ideal for outdoor enthusiasts, beachgoers, and Chesney’s dedicated fanbase known as the “No Shoes Nation.”

Costa, a renowned brand specializing in performance sunglasses, is well-regarded for its high-quality lenses that offer exceptional clarity and protection against harsh glare. With their polarized lenses and durable frames, Costa sunglasses provide optimal vision and eye protection, making them a popular choice among those who spend a significant amount of time under the sun.

Costa Sunglasses worn by Kenny Chesney

Kenny Chesney’s partnership with Costa not only showcases his affinity for the brand but also reinforces his connection with his fans through a shared love for the coastal lifestyle and a commitment to quality eyewear. The Kenny Chesney Costa Collection reflects Chesney’s passion for music, the outdoors, and the vibrant energy of coastal living, making it a sought-after choice for those seeking sunglasses that blend style and performance.

Whether it’s on stage, in his music videos, or during his downtime, Kenny Chesney’s affinity for Costa sunglasses has become an integral part of his signature style, embodying his love for the sun-soaked coastal regions and the adventurous spirit that his music celebrates.

Kenny Chesney Sunglasses: A Shocking Luxury Brand?

What sunglasses was Kenny Chesney wearing in the “Come Over” music video?

Kenny Chesney wears two different pairs of sunglasses in the “Come Over” music video. The first, is a pair of Oliver Peoples sunglasses, and the second is a pair of Costa shades.

Kenny Chesney’s music videos have always been a showcase of his distinct style and fashion choices, making him a trendsetter for fans seeking to emulate his look. In his captivating video for “Come Over,” Chesney takes on a new persona, departing from his traditional cowboy or concert style and embracing a more refined and luxurious image. This transformation is accentuated by the stunning sunglasses he dons throughout the video, which have piqued the curiosity of fans eager to identify the brand and model he wears.

In this particular video, Kenny Chesney exudes an air of class and sophistication, perfectly complemented by his choice of sunglasses. Notably, he can be seen sporting two different styles, each adding its own touch of allure to his overall appearance.

The first brand he wears is Oliver Peoples, a renowned eyewear company known for its stylish designs and exceptional quality. Chesney opts for Oliver Peoples’ fusion lenses, which come in a wide array of captivating colors. It is no wonder that such a charismatic artist like Kenny Chesney would choose these sunglasses to enhance his facial features and showcase his unique personality.

With that said, he also opts for sunglasses from the esteemed brand Costa. Known for their exceptional performance and durability, Costa sunglasses are highly regarded among outdoor enthusiasts and those seeking optimal eye protection.

With their reputation for producing high-quality lenses that reduce glare and enhance visual clarity, it’s no surprise that Kenny Chesney would opt for Costa sunglasses to complete his stunning and casual looks in the “Come Over” video.

Kenny Chesney’s choice of sunglasses in the “Come Over” video not only complements his rich and luxurious aesthetic but also adds an element of intrigue and allure to his overall style. By incorporating brands like Oliver Peoples and Costa into his accessories, Chesney sets the stage for fans and fashion enthusiasts alike to search for these coveted sunglasses and try to capture his captivating look. Whether he’s singing on stage or starring in his music videos, Kenny Chesney continues to redefine style, leaving a lasting impact on those who seek to emulate his fashion choices.

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