What Sunglasses Does Patrick Mahomes Wear?

Alright, football fans, let’s talk style for a sec. You’ve seen Patrick Mahomes tear up the field, but have you ever wondered about those slick shades he’s always rocking? Turns out, Mahomes has a thing for Oakley, and it’s more than just a passing fancy.

Back in 2019, Mahomes and Oakley teamed up, and since then, he’s been the poster boy for their top-tier eyewear. Prizm Lens Technology makes sure every detail pops, giving him an edge whether he’s reading defenses or just taking in the view. This isn’t news to our readers, because we talk about how great Oakleys are all the time here!

Mahomes is all about being true to himself, and that aligns perfectly with Oakley’s ethos. In a 2022 ad, he pushed fans to “be who you are,” showing that he’s not just an athlete on the field, but a style icon off it.

And let’s not forget the custom frames. Mahomes has thrown his personal touch into Oakley’s lineup, giving fans a chance to rock his signature style. His influence goes beyond touchdowns, inspiring fans across the country to up their eyewear game.

So, if you’re itching to snag a pair of those iconic Mahomes-approved shades, stick around. We’re about to dive into our top picks from his Oakley collection, spill the beans on his go-to styles, and even point you in the right direction to score a pair for yourself. Get ready to step up your sunglasses game, Mahomes style!

Oakley | Patrick Mahomes | Move The Game Forward (Official 2023 Video)

Mahomes Signature Series by Oakley

When it comes to eyewear, Patrick Mahomes knows what works best. That’s why Oakley released the Mahomes Signature Series, featuring three top-notch pairs designed with the quarterback’s preferences in mind.

Oakley Sutro Lite – Mahomes Signature Series

The Sutro Lite from the Mahomes Signature Series is a game-changer. With its wraparound design, it offers an expansive field of vision, crucial for Mahomes’ precision plays. These frames are built for comfort and are impressively lightweight, ensuring maximum agility on the field. And if you want to match Mahomes’ style, you can choose from his iconic Olympic gold frame or one of the other 12 striking color options.

Oakley Sutro TI – Mahomes Signature Series

Mahomes doesn’t settle for anything less than the best, which is why he’s often spotted in the Oakley Sutro TI from his Signature Series. Crafted from lightweight and ultra-durable titanium, these wraparound frames are a perfect match for any athlete looking to elevate their eyewear game. And with a choice of four colors, including the sleek matte gold, you can rock the same style that Mahomes trusts on the field.

Oakley Resistor (Youth Fit) – Mahomes Signature Series

The Resistor (Youth Fit) from the Mahomes Signature Series is bold, trendy, and specially designed for young athletes. Mahomes knows the importance of protecting young eyes from flying objects and distracting glare during intense games. With these sunglasses, parents can have peace of mind knowing their little athletes are equipped with the best.

Other Oakley Sunglasses Worn by Patrick Mahomes

Beyond his signature series, Mahomes has been spotted rocking some other iconic Oakley picks that perfectly complement his style both on and off the field.

Oakley Apparition

Patrick Mahomes wearing Oakley Apparition shades to an NFL event
Oakley Apparition prescription frames in black with silver

Price: $200+ (View the current price on Amazon)

The Oakley Apparition strikes a balance between sporty and sleek, and Mahomes has been seen wearing the sunglasses version. But here’s a neat twist – if you need prescription eyeglasses, the Oakley Apparition RX offers the same style with crystal clear vision.

Oakley Kato

Patrick Mahomes putting on new Oakley Kato sunglasses with red lenses
Oakley Kato Sunglasses Pol Black/Prizm 24K

Price: $315+ (View the current options on Amazon)

For extreme sports that demand heightened peripheral vision, the Oakley Kato is Mahomes’ go-to choice. These wraparound visor frames are built tough, standing up to everything from howling winds to unpredictable weather conditions. Whether you’re hitting the slopes or tearing up the track, the Kato is designed to keep up.

Oakley Flak 2.0 XL

Patrick Mahomes wearing NFL Oakley Flak 2.0 XL sunglasses for a photoshoot with a football in his hand

Price: $115-$200 (View the current price on Amazon)

When it’s wind and glare protection you need, the Oakley Flak 2.0 XL steps up to the plate. These sporty rectangular sunglasses offer superior coverage and style in one sleek package. And for those who require prescription lenses, Oakley has you covered, ensuring you never miss a moment of the action. Whether you’re on the field or off, the Flak 2.0 XL has your back.

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