ROCKBROS Polarized Sunglasses Review

ROCKBROS sunglasses have become popular on Amazon, with thousands of positive reviews per each pair of sunglasses they sell. But who the hell is RockBros? Are their sunglasses any good?

Let’s look at the meaning behind their name. According to the brand, Rock means determination, and being tough as a rock to persevere and innovate no matter how difficult things get. Bros means each customer is like a brother or sister – making all of us ROCKBROS-wearing fools family!

For real though, they have a great product. There are hundreds of different sunglasses you can buy online, but their options are more stylish, durable, and affordable compared to other options on the market.

So these sunglasses here are great… why they didn’t make our top 5 sunglasses under $30 list makes no sense to me, they easily deserve a #1 spot. However, their price fluctuates, and they may not always be under $30. Get ’em cheap while you can!


ROCKBROS doesn’t disappoint when it comes to making durable sunglasses that are great to wear while cycling, fishing, hiking, or engaging in any other outdoor activity. They can take a hit, they can withstand a huge fall, and they don’t get scratched up easily.

rockbros sunglasses have durable frames and quality polarized lens

They’re almost too durable, as for the price, it makes you wonder why you bought those expensive Oakleys when these work just as well! But really, they aren’t as tough as Oakley sunglasses, don’t get it confused. For sunglasses in this price range, the ROCKBROS frames are actually tough enough to handle anything you’re going to do outside. Can you take a hammer to them and expect them to remain the same? No. But, who’s actually doing that?


The black and red combo is straight up the sexiest combo for sunglasses, but there are also blue, green, and pink options available. If you’re a fan of this style, you will love them. If not, you will never even consider reading about them. We love them, and they’re definitely comparable to more high-end styles you see selling for over $200.


ROCKBROS sunglasses feature UV400 protection, which is 100% protection from harmful UV rays. This is definitely a basic essential for sports sunglasses!


adjustable nose pad and rubber ear pads for comfort on rockbros polarized sunglasses for men and women

Comfort is everything when it comes to daily sunglasses because you want the vision and sun-blocking benefits without the discomfort of feeling them or having to constantly adjust them because they’re too big. These pull it off, perfectly. Most individuals who purchase ROCKBROS sunglasses find them to be very comfortable and easy to wear throughout the day.

The adjustable nose pad actually works right and doesn’t break after a month. It holds up well and is actually comfortable. The rubber ear pads are great and all of the material is easy to clean.

Conclusion – ROCKBROS Polarized Sunglasses Deserve a 5/5

As of now, these sunglasses have almost 3k Amazon reviews, with a total score of 4.5/5 stars. That says something about this product! In fact, many of the reviews are from users who have been wearing these glasses for months and love them! Well, we love them too! HaterBlockers.SHOP gives ROCKBROS Polarized sunglasses for men and women a 5-star rating and we will continue to buy from this brand.

We love the brand already for the great name and great meaning behind the name. What do you think about this pair of ROCKBROS sunglasses? Would you buy them?

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  1. Love the name, I feel like these can really become popular with their branding and quality. I own these sunglasses and wear them at least once a week while I’m working. I like to work with cheaper sunglasses so I don’t stress about getting scratches on them.

    They hold up well. I’ve had the same pair for a few months now and no problems.

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