Costa vs Oakley: Who Makes Better Sunglasses?


There are so many sunglasses on the market these days, but Costa and Oakley are the big brands that everyone wants to buy. They both make high-quality polarized sunglasses that put those cheap budget shades to shame.

They’re both competing for active men who like to work and play outside, with Costa owning the fishing and boating market.

It’s true, whether you prefer Oakley or Costa, it is in fact Costa that remains the most popular brand among the fishing and boating crowd. Their sunglasses are superior for handling the UV rays and light reflection from the ocean all day. It’s what they were designed to do, and they do it better than Oakleys ever can.


Are Oakleys More Durable Than Costa Sunglasses?

This is where Oakley beats the competition – durability. Costa sunglasses are great for being out on the boat and spending a day fishing. However, Oakleys are great for being out working on the farm, hunting, hiking, skateboarding, playing volleyball at the beach, etc. This is because Oakley sunglasses were designed for active men and women who play sports.

Are Costa Sunglasses Scratch Resistant?

Yes. They are actually more scratch-resistant than Oakley sunglasses. Even though Oakleys are more durable, they are more prone to scratches than Costa sunglasses.

Conclusion: Personal Preference, Both Brands Make Great Sunglasses!

Oakley sunglasses are more durable, with slightly better lens tech – Costa sunglasses are more scratch-resistant, with better comfortability and protection when outside on the water all day. Both are so similar in the grand scheme of things, that it really just comes down to personal preference.

If you want to be like everyone else, then get Costas just because you like to go fishing on weekends. Wear Oakleys because you have a lifted truck. Who cares?

Here’s our favorite pair of sunglasses by each brand:

Oakley Gascan: Matte Black Camo/ Prizm Deep Water Polarized – $174

This pair of sunglasses is great for daily usage and it’s great for durability, comfort, and style! Oakley GASCAN sunglasses are more lightweight than their other pairs, making them the perfect pair for you if you need something to wear for hours at a time.

Costa Permit Polarized Sunglasses: Black/Blue – $267

There is a big price difference here, but Costa sunglasses are typically more expensive. As you can tell, we’re a big fan of the blue lens and black/dark frames. This pair of sunglasses features a timeless look, and they’re incredibly comfortable. They block out more sunlight than other pairs, making them great to wear while spending a day on the boat – especially if you’re going into the ocean for an extended period of time.

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  1. I wear my costa shades when I’m out on the boat, but Oakleys at work. I’m a mechanic and work outside most of the day. The oakleys are tough, don’t doubt that.


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