Best Designer Sunglasses for Men (Under $300)

Everybody wants nice things, but not everybody wants to pay top dollar for them. We get it. Times are tough, we may or may not be in a recession, so it’s time to look for the best deals possible when shopping. That means even designer junkies who just “have to have designer” need to be more careful when spending thousands on accessories.

Here’s the deal: we will help you pick the best options under $300. You might be surprised to find that you can pick up a nice pair of Gucci sunglasses for less than $200, but you certainly can these days. Let’s get to it!

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Versace VE 2163 Men’s Aviator Sunglasses

Versace sunglasses for men under 200 aviators

Take a good look, the picture isn’t the best.. but you get the idea. Versace makes an awesome pair of Aviator sunglasses for men and it’s currently selling for less than $110 on Amazon right now. This is a verified item, 100% authentic. This is the kind of deal that will make your girlfriend and/or wife jealous!

However, it’s worth noting that these are wide sunglasses and may or may not fit you properly. Please check the product specs and make sure they’re a good fit for your head.

GUCCI GG 0010S-001-58

GUCCI GG 0010S-001-58 sunglasses for men under 200

Don’t like those Versace Aviator shades? No worries, here’s a completely different look: Gucci GG sunglasses for men. These are not polarized, but they are excellent for daily driving and casual use. The pair sold here is legit and comes with a serial number and everything. It’s sold on Amazon directly from Gucci, so it’s a lot more trustworthy than buying on eBay or Mercari.

At the time of this posting, the Gucci GG sunglasses for men are selling for $179.

Prada Linea Rossa Lifestyle Aviator Sunglasses

Prada Linea Rossa Lifestyle PS 53PS 1BC5W1 designer sunglasses for men under 300

This gold/grey model of Prada Aviator sunglasses for men is elegant, classy, and very comfortable to wear. They offer 100% UV protection and feature polarized lenses with a metal frame. They’re an easy go-to if you’re not sure what to wear out on a date or to meet with a business client. Prada did a great job making these affordable for everyone, as they cost less than $150. Although many brick-and-mortar locations are selling them for twice that price. Prada sells directly through Amazon and these are 100% authentic, you can get them verified at a local store if you have doubts.

Versace VE4399 Sunglasses for Men

Versace VE4399 black sunglasses for men

Much different from the Versace Aviators at the top of this list, the VE4399 model has a very bold look, with a strong black frame, and straight lines on the top. This pair has a powerful look going on, and this is definitely the pair of sunglasses that a young CEO would wear! It screams success, yet powerful. Some designer sunglasses for men are great to wear, but they’re so sleek that they don’t make much of a fashion statement.

These Versace VE4399 sunglasses are currently selling for about $140 on Amazon, and you can purchase them with peace of mind that they’re 100% authentic and sold by Versace or an authorized seller.

Ray-Ban Rb3025 Classic Polarized Aviator Sunglasses

Ray Ban classic polarized aviator sunglasses for men under 300

What would this list be without any Ray-Ban sunglasses? Not a very good one. The classic Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses are a perfect pair for when you just can’t decide. They look good on almost everyone who wears them, they’re polarized and cost less than $300. Right now they’re selling for $213, but they’re almost always available for under $300 if you know where to look.

Not interested in any of these? Maybe you would like to pick a pair based on the style of one your favorite celebrities! We have a whole database of celebrity sunglasses, including pairs they’ve worn in various movies. Everyone from Barack Obama to Vin Diesel, we’ve got you covered!

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